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A Little Something About Us...

TL is an exclusive network for forward thinkers committed to self and community education.We are a relaxed, familiar environment for quintessential entrepreneurs, professionals, and cause-organizations.


Our platform is designed to highlight entrepreneurs across industries through non-conventional means of social networking. TL is creatively building a sense of community uniting brands, young professionals, and entrepreneurs through a deeper sense of purpose and awareness. 


TL connects and highlights young professionals and entrepreneurs by offering a platform for learning and lounging that build an aware community with purpose.

We leverage social mixers, cocktail hours, live performances, and more to encourage business professionals to connect and cultivate. The platforms serve as an opportunity for diverse and substantial relationships to develop by connecting influential people from a mosaic of groups. 

We sincerely invest practical solutions into each guest that will undoubtedly enhance the quality of their lives in a room filled with peers empowered to strengthen your network.



  Teacher's Lounge 90210, Beverly Hills CA, United States 323.786.2760

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